Our mission
GeniALE's main mission is to develop technologies in the brewing industry in order to automate and optimize brewing processes. In collaboration with major industry players, the club focuses on the development of new technologies with the aim of improving existing processes.

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Our beers

Alcohol percentage 8.6%
IBU 33
Type Stout impérial au sirop d'érable / Maple Syrup Imperial Strout
Created Feb. 21, 2019
Service temperature 10-13°C

Alcohol percentage 4.7%
IBU 24
Type Sûre style américaine aux framboises / American-style Raspberry Sour Ale
Created Dec. 12, 2018
Service temperature 2-5°C

La 40
Alcohol percentage 5.0%
IBU 21
Type Blonde
Created Jan. 1, 2014
Service temperature 4-5°C

La 40 is a light and malted blonde beer that was brewed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ÉTS in 2014. Unfortunately, it is no longer available anywhere, but it will always remain one of the club’s flagship beers, which has enabled us to become known among the students and staff of the ÉTS.

Alcohol percentage 6.3%
IBU 30
Type Saison au seigle / Rye season
Created Oct. 1, 2016
Service temperature 5-6°C

Rye season Géni-Hell is a traditional Belgian blonde that has the characteristic of being refreshing even served at room temperature. The subtlety of rye blends with the typical flavors of Belgian yeast to offer you a refreshing and slightly spicy season. This beer was brewed in collaboration with Boutique Hellvis – a specialized shop in microbrewery beer located in Anjou – and with 100% Quebec hops. You can visit our Facebook page to get a list of our points of sale.

Fin de session
Alcohol percentage 4.1%
Type IPA
Created May 11, 2015
Service temperature 4°C

La Fin de Session is based on the ideology of an hybrid between the famous American IPA and English session beer. This beer, although slightly alcoholic, offers a good bitterness followed by a dry finish. The golden beer has a good effervescence. It was available during the first edition of Saveurs de Génie in 2015.

NEIPA D'problème
Alcohol percentage 6.5%
IBU 14
Type New England IPA
Created Jan. 11, 2019
Service temperature 5°C

NEIPA d’problème is a beer offering a good dose of bitterness that will satisfy both to the experts of neipa style and beer lovers looking for a great discovery. The ingredients and brewing techniques necessary to make it were meticulously chosen to give it a cloudy appearance accompanied by an orange colour reminiscent of orange juice. The hops used emit tropical fruit aromas such as mango and pineapple. Don’t rely too much on appearances, it is indeed a beer with a light and effervescent body that will satisfy your thirst.

Page Blanche
Alcohol percentage 5.3%
IBU 14
Type Hefeweizen
Created Nov. 1, 2016
Service temperature 5-6°C

La Page Blanche is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with a strain of German yeast, which distinguishes it by its aromas of banana and clove. These flavors blend perfectly with the silky texture of beer to produce a fruity and refreshing beer. It won the first prize at the interuniversity brewing competition Saveurs de Génie held in November 2016. You can visit our Facebook page to get the list of our points of sale.

Crème Brewlée
Alcohol percentage 4.5%
IBU 20
Type Brune anglaise à la vanille / Northern English Vanilla Brown Ale
Created Sept. 24, 2019
Service temperature 10-13°C

Development Fund

If you wish to contribute financially to the student club’s efforts, you can do it Here, through ÉTS Fonds de développement.